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Polar Bear® Refrigeration Advantages

Our self-contained refrigeration systems combine evaporator and condensing unit into one. There is no need for refrigerant charge saving you time, money and energy.

Ease of Installation and Service

Installation takes a fraction of the time required for a split system: refrigerant is pre-charged at factory, superheat adjustment is not required and unit slides into slots in standard walk-in panel (see installation manual for more information). Designed for simple serviceability: the condensing unit section’s cabinet door can be quickly removed; in addition, the electrical box is located outside the cabinet for easy access.

Flexible design allows for multiple installation methods: Optimized for outdoor use, but can be used indoors as well (with drain connection).

Ease of Use

System is factory-assembled, evacuated, charged, run-tested and wired; no additional components required.

Electronic microprocessor control provides accurate temperature management.

Controls preset for typical applications: +38° F for high temp. Coolers, +35° F for medium temp coolers, -10° F for freezers and are easy to adjust.

  • High performance hermetic compressors
  • Maximized airflow: evaporator placement in walk-in box with pull-through fans
  • Suitable for temperature pull-down and holding temperature
  • Increased condenser capacity, by avoiding compressor heat
  • Improved tolerance in high-ambient conditions
  • Electric defrost in medium temperature models, allowing for maximum performance in storage applications just above 32°F
  • Fan-cycling for head pressure control
  • Crankcase heater
  • Drain line heater
  • Liquid-line filter drier
Environmentally Friendly

Energy efficient motors: EC motors standard in both condensing unit and evaporator section.

Reduced refrigerant charge: our Side Mount packaged refrigeration system uses approximately 10 percent* of refrigerant required for a comparable split system.

Reliable & Durable

System is fully-assembled and quality-tested at the factory.

Convenient and Cost Effective, Guaranteed.

1 year parts and 90 day labor warranty standard with a 5 year compressor warranty optional.
Refrigeration Systems Specifications
Polar Bear® Refrigeration Standard Features
  • Polar Bear® Self-Contained Refrigeration units are available in 8 individual models for both cold and freezer room applications with refrigeration capacity ranging from 6000 BTUH to 15000 BTUH
  • Covering a broad range of cooler and freezer sizes with only a single unit needed to achieve the desired temperature.
Medium Temp 32°F Low Temp -10°F
PBRM-100 = 6,758 BTUH 9.0-Amps PBRL-100 = 4,062 BTUH 5.41-Amps
PBRM-150 = 7,714 BTUH 10.27-Amps PBRL-150 = 5,461 BTUH 7.23-Amps
PBRM-200 = 11,946 BTUH 15.91-Amps PBRL-200 = 7,451 BTUH 9.92-Amps
PBRM-250 = 14,676 BTUH 19.55-Amps PBRL-300 = 13,771 BTUH 18.34-Amps
WORKING RANGE FOR CDU: Evaporating temp
(-4F) (14F), condensing temp 120.2F, return gas temp 64.4F, ambient temp 95F.
WORKING RANGE FOR CDU: Evaporating temp
(10F) (-22F), condensing temp 129.9F, return gas temp 65.84F, ambient temp 95F.
  • The system is all in one body compact unit delivered pre-charged with R404a refrigerant and ready to deploy saving you time and money.
  • 1 phase 220v/60Hz standard power with optional 3 phase 220v/60Hz and 3 phase 460v/60Hz power available. PBR is also available in many electric configurations to match the voltage supplied at you location in either 50Hz or 60 Hz frequencies.
  • With Polar Bear® Box’s plug-and-play feature there is no need for expensive labor and installation parts.
  • The heavy duty and rust proof painted galvanized steel housing protects against outdoor weather conditions giving you the flexibility of using the Polar Bear® Box indoor or outdoor for less than the cost of a similar sized indoor split system.
  • Unlike the competition, PBR units can handle larger walk-in freezers without compromising cooling capacity. Our high output hermetic compressors are capable of sustaining -10f for freezers ad 32f for coolers up to xxx sq. ft.
  • The condensers section is cooled by 2 EC axial fans extending the life of the compressor when compared to the competition’s single fan units.
  • EC motors are energy efficient and comply with EISA.
  • The evaporator part of the system employs the hot gas defrost method which takes advantage of the refrigerant’s heat after having cooled the compressor to defrost the coils resulting in additional energy savings when compared to electric defrost units.
  • Polar Bear® Refrigeration units come standard with a digital temperature display and control that are easy to read and operate. This feature also gives you the ability to quickly set and adjust both high and low temperature ranges as well as control the defrost cycles.
  • The device conforms to CE safety standards and is certified and listed with the CE seal.
  • Peace of mind. PBR is manufactured using universal components supplied by top companies in the industry. PBR meets or exceeds the industry requirements for safe operation.
  • The device conforms to CE safety standards and is certified and listed by CE.
  • PBR is manufactured using universal components supplied by only the best in the industry to ensure the highest quality
  • PBR meets or exceeds the industry requirements for safe operation.
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